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Blogging again!

So I have started blogging again. I have been hesitant to start posting blogs because I feel that I am lacking in writing skills. So there! I said it! I use to work at the Tampa Tribune as the Photography Editor, but I just photographed assignments and wrote cut lines. The photographer did not write and photographed like the reporters and photographers do now. So I am a little embarrassed, to be honest, for my fellow past co-workers to read these. But I know it is important in a business to blog, it provides a


Last week was such a productive week. I had a shoot for the National Baseball Academy it went great and I am working on the orders today. 

There was a bridal show at Quail Hollow on Sunday. It could not have gone any better. I LOVE meeting brides and I just LOVE working with all the other vendors....we ate so well too:)! 

Choosing a professional photographer

Just a few things for the bride and groom to consider...

There are photographers out there calling themselves pros that live solely on prices rather than creativity and great customer service. They do not have the knowledge, experience or talent to capture the essence of the day through beautiful wedding imagery. These "photographers' that shoot and burn your images want nothing more to do with the clients after the wedding day. There is so much more to do besides shoot and burn the wedding images.

Wedding Business

This is my first blog, so let's see how this goes:)

These days the wedding photography business is much different than it was several years go. We have seen a trend toward focusing on the details of the day as much as the people of the day. This requires more than just a close-up lens. It requires knowledge of F-stops and proper lighting and fill light to accentuate the items properly. It also requires an excellent understanding of depth of field. And for all you newbies in the business it means shooting in manual for the best results.