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It's all about Love and Adventure!

Hey! My name is Heather Martello, I am a wedding & Elopement photographer with a studio based in Ashtabula, Ohio on our Historic Bridge Street!

I am the owner and head shooter of Martello Photography. I specialize in wedding photography but I also enjoy photographing senior, families and baby Portraits. 

I have been a photographer for over 20 years and started in film days, I feel lucky to have been a part of that era. I love the darkroom but I love Photoshop even more! 

If your looking for a photobooth, I offer the Mirror Me Booth! It is quite unique and the newest on the market, so take a look at the videos and images of this cool photo booth! People are loving this thing! 

I also work with a handful of professional main and second shooters, so just know there will be no one learning or shadowing. All professionals here!


A lil bit about me.....I was born and raised on our family farm in Jefferson, Ohio. Educated at Saint Leo University near Tampa, Florida and stayed in Florida 18 years. I worked at the Tampa Tribune for 8 year as the Photography Editor.  Through the Tribune I got to go on some exciting shoots. I went through a hurricane in a hurricane plane that collected data. I photographed a gastric bypass surgery and photographed the Big Cat Rescue from the show Tiger King(one of Carol Baskin's Lynx's peed on me). I've flown in a Bi-Plane that was performing aerial flips(though I got sick lol). I also went in a hot air balloon several times, one of which we had have a emergency landing in a tiny Tampa suburb. I shot a NFL game which was incredible, work the Super Bowl down in Tampa one year and shot the All Star Game back in the day at the Indian's Stadium, back when it was called Jacobs Field.  

I LOVE lazy Sundays, family time, book stores, sushi, negative space in a image, all things traveling, walks with my beautiful daughter(I adore her with every fiber of my being), and of course photography and the ocean.  Furthermore, I am not a newbie, I started off my career in the film days and feel so grateful to be a part of that era. It taught me ALOT!

Look around my website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact me. Hope to see you again! 

The Experience

I want your photos to reflect the true you. I want you to recognize yourselves when you look back on these beauties a decade from now. If you are a quieter more mellow couple, be that and do not feel pressured to be anything else. If your the couple who laughs all the time, then laugh away. Every couple is unique and it's my job to make pretty pictures of you two being you.

As you can see my lifelong passion has always been photography and now it's my profession. I make my living recording the world around me in unique and eye-catching ways, offering clients one-of-a-kind portraiture and unique products.

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