martello photography

Natural, Relaxed and Real

Photography is my Passion!

A good photograph is well composed. A great photograph tells a story while offering compelling composition. What separates the two is the ability of the photographer to not only take a shot, but also to make clients feel at ease in front of the camera, allowing pretense to fade and inner beauty to shine. Anyone can take a picture, but a true photographer captures the spirit. 

As a photojournalist, I pride myself on telling stories with my camera, making my clients comfortable before the shutter ever goes off. My mission is be an attentive observer, recording events as they unfold from unique perspectives. Simply taking a snapshot requires little time, but to capture the essence of a moment demands patience, skill and the willingness to think outside the box so each client’s pictures are truly unique works of art. 

I have spent many hours selecting the images for my website, if they make you feel something, there is a good chance we are a fantastic match.


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